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Sportsbook Money Lines at Sports

Sportsbook money lines are a solid alternative.

Gamblers who are sick and tired of “bad beats” or “backdoor” covers on the pointspread lines where they actually pick the correct straight up winner while losing against the spread due to a late meaningless score or other similar circumstances.  Money lines are also the main way that gamblers at the online sportsbook wager on sports like baseball and hockey.

Sportsbook money lines are where gamblers either lay odds on the favorite or take odds on the dog. Again, there is no sportsbook pointspread, which means that all a gambler has to do is pick the straight up winner, without having to worry about the winner covering the sportsbook pointspread.

The money line betting lines are the primary way to bet on hockey and baseball sides, but are also available on most pro and college football as well as most pro and college basketball matchups at the online sportsbook. A sample of how the money line betting lines at the sportsbook work would be, “Golden State Warriors +200 – Los Angeles Lakers -$230. In this example, sportsbook gamblers would have the option of betting $100 on Golden State for every $200 that they would want to win. Gamblers that wanted the Lakers would bet $230 for every $100 that they would want to win at the sportsbook. The thirty cent decimal difference in price between the Warriors and Clippers is what is known as the “juice” or “Vig” with the money line at the online sportsbook.  Any amount could be wagered at the sportsbook with these ratios used as the payoffs.

Many professional gamblers will bet the money line on football and basketball favorites at the sportsbook while using the pointspread for underdogs in those sports. The option to take money line favorites in the NBA or other sports like the NFL or college basketball eliminates the sportsbook pointspread and takes the worry of covering the spread away.

Money line options at an online sportsbook give gamblers even more choices.  The more choices available at the sportsbook for the gambler, the better his chances of winning may be.

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