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Sportsbook Medal Record at Sports

There are many story lines at this year’s Olympic sportsbook games but none have been bigger than US swimmer Michael Phelps’ quest for Olympic greatness.

Offshore sportsbooks have been posting odds and information regarding his efforts to win a record 8 gold medals for over a year.  And as the games progress the young man from Baltimore has been excellent living up to sportsbook expectations and then some.

Before the games began Phelps had two sportsbook goals:  break sportsbook Olympian great Mark Spitz record of seven gold medals at one game and set world records in every sportsbook event he entered.  By these lofty measurements, Phelps has not met his own goals, but as any offshore sportsbook fan will tell you he has not failed.  While he may not set a world record in every offshore sportsbook event he enters (he tied the Olympic sportsbook mark in the 200 butterfly, but did not set a world record in the sportsbook event) he is still on pace to achieve the ultimate offshore sportsbook goal by winning eight gold medals.

No athlete in the history of the modern Olympic games has ever won that many golds at one Olympics and the offshore sportsbook odds for such a thing happening are astronomical.  Yet Phelps has made it look easy through the first four sportsbook competitions he has entered.  With his two most difficult events down, both gold medal successes, it now seems inevitable that the swimmer will indeed reach his lofty sportsbook goals.

In sport luck and timing often play a huge role in the sportsbook outcome and this was certainly the case in Phelps first relay event.  In what may go down as the most exciting race in sportsbook swimming history, the US team came from behind to defeat the heavily favored French in the most impossible of sportsbook finishes.  Considered the most difficult event for Phelps as he would have to rely on his teammates’ efforts for the sportsbook gold, they performed tremendously and won the event.

Now, with four of his eight sportsbook events complete and four gold medals to show for it, no one is betting against Phelps to achieve his impossible goal.