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Sportsbook Look at College Football Betting

Sportsbook fans across the country have one thing in common: they are crazy for football betting.

Football tends to be a singularly American phenomenon and outside of the US there is not a lot of offshore sportsbook interest in the game, but in the US this sport is king. And even though the Super Bowl receives all the hype it could very well be that the best football sportsbook betting product is actually played at the college level. Sportsbook fans loves emotion and passion when it comes to sporting events and nothing elicits these two things more than a rivalry.

And according to most offshore sportsbooks there are no greater rivalries anywhere in the sportsbook action than in the field of college football. In fact, the rivalries are practically what define this sport.

Aside from the fantastic action that takes place on the field, the terrific athletes and all the other things that go into making college football one of the preeminent offshore sportsbook attractions, no element is as important as the rivalry.

Simply mention the words Ohio State and Michigan in the same breath and instantly a classic sportsbook memory of crisp afternoon in late fall, with a packed stadium of diehards is conjured up. Or what about the Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party in the World.

Sportsbook fans of the Florida Gators and the Georgia Bulldogs need no explanation as to how terrific the sportsbook action is in this game. Or what about Oklahoma and Oklahoma State or the offshore sportsbook show down between Texas and Texas A&M, or Army vs. Navy, these are monumental sportsbook events in the college football scene.

And what makes these rivalries so exciting, aside from the emotion and the passion, is the tradition. Football, one of the oldest American sports around is truly a game of tradition, if nothing else, and this reflected in its popularity among sportsbook fans.

All of the great rivalries date back well over fifty years, if not a hundred and they are full of great sportsbook memories. The attraction to college football teams in the sportsbook action also tends to be much great than at the professional level in the NFL. Sure there are fanatics in the NFL, just look at the Raiders fans.

But for the most part there is generally a stronger allegiance to the college teams in sportsbook football action. The reason is that most sportsbook bettors feel closer to the college teams, whether they attended the college themselves or have some other attraction, college football is a highly personal and highly popular sportsbook attraction.

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