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Sportsbook Hopes for the Yankees

Sportsbook’s best-winning franchise across the entire sporting spectrum is at a low point.

For many sportsbook fans the fact that the New York Yankees failed to qualify for the MLB playoffs was actually a sportsbook bonus, but for true Yankees fans the agony must be excruciating. After missing the playoffs for the first time in 14-years the Yankee nation is grieving and the team’s prospects for the 2009 sportsbook season are surrounded in question marks.

Sportsbook action is full of constants and one of those constants since the early 1990s has been the Yankees competing in the MLB playoffs. Betting fans of the Yankees actually received several sportsbook bonus opportunities throughout that time as the team not only made the playoffs but racked several World Series titles as well.

But those days have come and gone and this sportsbook off-season will be critical to the future hopes of the Yankees. If this team wants to make the playoffs again any time soon it must engage in a major personnel overhaul in the offseason. First of all, as has been the case in recent years, the team’s pitching was its big weakness this season.

Despite getting the best season of his career from aging Mike Moussina, the rest of the starting staff for the Yankees was mediocre at best. Every year that this team has fallen short in the sportsbook playoffs, it’s been the pitching that has done them in.

Despite shelling out tens of millions of dollars to sportsbook free agents the team has lacked a clear number one starter for years.

But what has been most detrimental for the team’s sportsbook hopes and in delivering another sportsbook bonus championship has been the way the team has traded away its prospects, and the foundation of its franchise for short-term relief in the form of big swinging free-agents.

The team now has no young prospects for sportsbook fans to admire and the team is falling apart from the ground up. The only way to reverse this trend is to trade off some its starts for young prospects to put some life back into its old system, one of the worst in sportsbook betting. The team also must spend some cash to get a top starter.

With several fine pitchers out there like CC Sabathia the team could lock him up and maybe as a sportsbook bonus even be able to sign another top starter like Ben Sheets. With the team’s top players now in decline the time to take action is now if this team wants to return quickly to the post season and on sportsbook betting odds.

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