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Sportsbook Fans Have Beef with NBA Betting

Sportsbook Fans Have Beef with NBA Betting at Sports Gambling

There are the rare cases where a perhaps a tennis match or a boxing match is fixed but aside from these online sportsbook anomalies competition almost always serves as the great decider, as it must for a healthy sportsbook industry to exist. The only other exception in online sportsbook competition where the result is not decided by the players themselves is the NBA, where referees interpretation of the game often dictates the final outcomes of the games.

Sportsbook fans of NBA competition are certainly familiar with this problem. And the saddest thing about this online sportsbook development is the fact that it could so easily be resolved, yet the NBA has yet to show the gumption or even the desire to tray and do the right thing.

Anyone that has ever bet on NBA sportsbook odds or even watched an NBA game knows the situation all too well. In the NBA foul calls are decided by reputation rather than on court events, and this is spoiling the action for many online sportsbook fans.

And every year it seems to become more and more obvious and it’s only gotten worse in recent NBA sportsbook seasons. This disturbing trend probably dates back to the early part of Michael Jordan’s career.

Jordan, perhaps the greatest athlete ever, almost single-handedly made the NBA and what it is today and perched it near the top of the online sportsbook world. The league focused its marketing efforts on him as an individual rather than marketing the game as team sport and had great success.

But along the way the game became very individualized, much to the detriment of today’s sportsbook fans, and even the game itself. As great as Jordan was it started to become clear in the second half of his career that he was receiving help from the refs, something that completely screwed the dynamics of the sporsbook betting.

Anytime Jordan had the ball in his hands two things were all but assured: he would score, or he would be fouled. Phantom calls begin popping up everywhere and it carried over to other superstars in the sportsbook action as well.

Today this situation has morphed into something ridiculous and now every online sportsbook bettor and even the players know who gets the calls and who doesn’t.

This opens the game and the sportsbook action up to arbitrary decisions by referees which an awful development for basketball. Surely, sportsbook fans remember Tim Donaghy the NBA ref convicted of throwing games.

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