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Sportsbook Handicapping NBA West Playoff Offenses at Sports Gambling

Sportsbook gamblers have seen explosive offenses in the NBA western conference playoffs so far as offshore sportsbook fans have been impressed especially with Denver.

Sportsbook handicappers have been impressed with the Nuggets scoring unit that was averaging 109.2-points per game to sit atop of the NBA offshore sportsbook stat charts.  A major reason for Denver’s sportsbook success in the first two rounds of the NBA playoffs is because of that offense.

Carmelo Anthony and Chauncey Billups have been the main catalysts for Denver in offshore sportsbook action.  Anthony was averaging 24.9-points per game while Billups was averaging 21.1-points per game.

Another team that is always popular at a sportsbook is the Los Angeles Lakers and their offense, as usual, has done nothing to disappoint sportsbook bettors as it ranked 4th in the NBA playoffs and featured the second leading scorer in post season, Kobe Bryant, who was averaging 30.2-points per game, trailing only LeBron James.

The Lakers are well known by sportsbook handicappers for having a weak defense and that offense is their only hope for reaching the Finals.  Another impressive offensive team for sportsbook handicappers in the western conference playoffs was the Dallas Mavericks, who ranked 5th in the NBA for scoring.

That offense of Dallas was the main reason for their sportsbook success in the opening round of the playoffs against San Antonio, who they upset with surprising ease.

The Houston Rockets were similar to the eastern conference’s Cleveland Cavaliers in that they had an adequate offense that ranked 9th in the NBA to go along with a strong defense.  Ron Artest was a surprise in the postseason for sportsbook gamblers as he was the leading scorer for Houston, right ahead of Yao Ming.

If the Rockets can maintain that offense they stand a chance to go all the way.  The aforementioned failure of the San Antonio Spurs demonstrates the importance of offense in the NBA playoffs.

San Antonio ranked only 10th in the NBA for offense in the opening round and was clearly outgunned by Dallas.  The NBA is no longer a league in which you can go all the way on defense alone.

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