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Sportsbook Handicapping NBA East Playoff Offenses at Sports Gambling

Sportsbook handicappers have seen much better offense than defense in the online sportsbook results for the NBA eastern conference playoffs.

Sportsbook bettors respected the offense of the Boston Celtics in the first two rounds of online sportsbook betting for the playoffs.  The defending world champion Celtics may have been missing super star center Kevin Garnett but they were still lighting up the scoreboard of the sportsbook boards as they ranked 2nd overall in the NBA playoffs for scoring.

Offense, in fact, is about all that kept Boston alive and on the online sportsbook betting board as their defense was weak in the post season.  Paul Pierce was the main sportsbook scoring weapon for Boston as he was averaging 20.5-points per game.

Boston barely survived in first round sportsbook action as it took them a full seven games to get past the Chicago Bulls in the opening round, and it just so happens that Chicago was ranked 3rd overall on offense in the NBA playoffs.

Another strong sportsbook performance on offense in the eastern conference was from Boston’s second round opponents, the Orlando Magic.

Orlando was ranked 6th overall in the NBA post season for scoring and when you add the dominant rebounding of Dwight Howard, you have an impressive combination that would win bets at any sportsbook.

The Cleveland Cavaliers were the most dominant eastern conference team at a sportsbook in the first two rounds of the playoffs despite an offense that ranked only 8th best in the NBA playoffs.

But that statistic can be deceiving as the Cavaliers had the top scorer in the entire league in LeBron James, who was averaging 31.5-points per game in the post season.  James is a man that can have a significant effect on the line at any sportsbook.

The Cavaliers offense will need James to continue his magic as there is quite a drop off in production after him.  While defense is always the key in the playoffs of any sport no team can go all the way without the ability to score.

The eastern conference with Cleveland, Boston, and Orlando has teams that have shown the ability to cover the spread with their offensive ability.

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