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Sportsbook Handicapping NBA East Playoff Defenses at Sports Gambling

Sportsbook bettors have had a great look at the importance of defense in making their online sportsbook bets on the NBA playoffs.

Sportsbook handicappers have been particularly impressed with the Cleveland Cavaliers who were dominant in online sportsbook action.  The Cleveland Cavaliers were a perfect 6-0 to start playoff action against the sportsbook lines.

By that same token the Cavaliers were ranked number one in all of the NBA for defense.  In the post season it has always been a good online sportsbook rule of thumb to wager on teams with strong defenses.

In Cleveland’s case, they are usually a heavy chalk in the playoffs at a sportsbook and that makes a strong defense all the more important for gamblers laying those big numbers.

Another impressive factor that ties into defense is rebounding and the Cavaliers were ranked number one in the NBA for rebounds halfway through the second round of the NBA playoffs.  It is interesting to note for sportsbook handicappers that Cleveland ranked only 8th in the NBA for offense in the post season.

Sportsbook handicappers would notice that there was quite a drop off in the eastern conference playoffs for defensive strength.  The next best active team in the east for defense was the Orlando Magic, who ranked 7th overall in the NBA sportsbook charts with their second round opponents, the Boston Celtics, right behind at 8th.

Orlando was also the 7th ranked rebounding team in the NBA and 2nd best in the east.  It helps that the Magic have one of the most dominant rebounders available in Dwight Howard, who is a significant factor at any sportsbook.

The defending champion Boston Celtics had significant problems on defense as they ranked just 13th in the NBA playoffs.  The loss of Kevin Garnett due to injury was an even bigger sportsbook issue as he was the one key factor that would have helped Boston against Howard.

The eastern conference simply lacked the strong defenses in the early portion of the post season which played right into the hands of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

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