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Sportsbook Odd - How to Monitor

A sportsbook odd is unique in that it will often change considerably between the time it is first released by a sportsbook and the time when the actual sporting even begins.

These changes in the sportsbook odd occur as a result of the betting action by the public and by sharps. By monitoring changes in a sportsbook odd one can sometimes wait for the sportsbook to improve to a more favorable number and thereby increase the chances of winning a sportsbook bet.

A sportsbook odd is very dynamic because it is constantly changing even though the sportsbook odd you wager on is final.

In other words, if you place a sportsbook wager on a game’s sportsbook odd and then the sportsbook odd changes to a different number, your wager will not change, regardless of whether the shift in the sportsbook odd would have helped or hurt you.

Consequently, different sportsbook gamblers wagering on the same game will frequently be wagering on a different sportsbook odd. Changes in a sportsbook odd are made by a sportsbook in response to the way in which the public and sharps are betting.

If either the public or sharps is favoring one side of the sportsbook odd too heavily then the sportsbook odd may be shifted to encourage more gamblers to wager on the other side.

For instance, if 85% of the bettors are wagering on Notre Dame +4 then the sportsbook may elect to reduce the sportsbook odd to Notre Dame +3½ and eventually even Notre Dame +3. By making such changes in a sportsbook odd a sportsbook can maintain something of a balance in the action favoring each side in a matchup.

Because a sportsbook odd will very commonly be moved at some point before a sporting contest begins, gamblers can strategize to place their wagers when the sportsbook odd is most favorable.

For example, if you were leaning toward Notre Dame in the example given above then you would want to place your sportsbook wager when the sportsbook odd was at +4. On the other hand, if you were going to wager on Notre Dame’s opposition then you would want to wait until the sportsbook odd dropped to +3.

It is impossible to know for certain how a sportsbook odd will move, meaning that such a strategy will not always work out for the best. However, by monitoring changes in a sportsbook odd one can sometimes get a feel for the trend that is occurring and thereby predict the best time to place one’s wager.