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Sportsbook Fans Fascinated by Kimbo Slice

Sportsbook coverage of mixed martial arts fighting has exploded over the last few years.

The fastest growing spectator sport in the US MMA fighting has taken center stage on more than a few occasions in the world of Internet sportsbook coverage. And no single fighter has captured the imagination of the sportsbook universe like Kimbo Slice. Sportsbook fans not familiar with Kimbo Slice will soon become acquainted with him before long if he keeps winning his matches.

He is an enormous man with watermelon sized biceps, an inverted Mohawk hair-do and looks like your worst nightmare. A mild-mannered man outside the ring, simply to look at him can be a fright for most sportsbook fans. He is the embodiment of intimidation and sportsbook fans are fascinated by him.

But the real question many sportsbook aficionados want to know is: can he fight? As a former paid street fighter the answer is of course yes. But for fans that want to know if he can compete at the highest level of MMA fighting, most sportsbook experts have reserved judgment.

Slice is new to the game of MMA and so far he has looked alright against a very mediocre bunch of fighters. None of which is even close to the level of fighter he would see at a major sportsbook competition like a UFC tournament.

In fact, many people with knowledge of sportsbook fighting leagues like the UFC don’t think he’d last a minute in the octagon ring with a heavyweight like Tito Ortiz. Sportsbook commentators have actually been very critical of Slice’s fighting skills.

He’s little more than a brawler many in the Internet sportsbook world claim, and against trained fighters with martial arts or mat skills he’d be forced into submission in seconds. Even Slice seems to know as much as he continues to take on tomato cans in his sportsbook fighting events.

He’s also spoken about the dedication it takes to succeed in MMA sportsbook events and much of that is based on learning martial arts or wrestling, something every Internet sportsbook fan knows he lacks. Slice’s next opponent will be former MMA champ Ken Shamrock, a name quite familiar to many MMA fans.

But this is not the Ken Shamrock of the 1990’s that the Internet sportsbook world saw become UFC champion. This is a 44-year old man who’s lost 7 of his past 8 matches in the sportsbook. If he defeats Slice, there should be little doubt that Slice does not have the skills to compete at the top level of MMA sportsbook competition.

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