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Sportsbook Cubs Fans at Sports Gambling Sportsbook

Sportsbook betting is full of tormented fans but you would have to search high and low in the Internet sportsbook world to try and find more long-suffering fans than the Cubs supporters.

This is a team that has not won a championship at a sportsbook in a century. And unless things change quickly, they will not be any closer to hoisting the title after putting together one of the best records during the regular Internet sportsbook season.

Sportsbook analysts were optimistic that this might finally be the year that the Cubs finally beat that curse. But after digging themselves a two-game hole at home against the Dodgers in the first round of the playoffs, things look bleak. The goat, the black cat, the curse and anything else the sportsbook world would like to heap on the team seem to be coming into play. The Cubs just can’t catch a break when it comes to Internet sportsbook betting.

The writing should have been on the wall when ace Carlos Zambrano went down with injury just before the postseason began at sportsbook sites. Despite clinching the division, almost by default as the Brewers played their worst in the run up the postseason, the team has not looked good of late. In its first two games against the Dodgers the team was beaten silly and even the most hard core sportsbook supporters would have to admit as much.

But in sportsbook betting teams have dud themselves out of a 2-0 deficit before and the Cubs will have to do just that. Internet sportsbook odds are still mightily against them winning the World Series, but anything is possible when it comes to the playoffs and sportsbook wagering.

The top of the Cubs starting rotation has been tattooed by the Dodgers and the Cubs have to get a good start from their pitcher or their playoff hopes will be extinguished. Rich Harden will have to play the role of savior for this team in LA and he just might be the man to do it. He can’t do any worse than his teammates in the Game 3 of the sportsbook match up and his definitely has the skills to shut down the Dodgers.

But the Dodgers have been red hot at the plate while the Cubs have been near the bottom of the sportsbook world in hitting. If Harder can get to sixth inning and the Cubs can score some runs early, they have a chance of extending their post season hopes. If not, the sportsbook fans and the Cubs faithful will have to wait another year to exercise the demons of ‘the curse’.

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