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Sportsbook Bonus Comparison

The sportsbook bonus that is featured in advertisements more than any other sportsbook bonus is the signup bonus.

Sportsbook sites often use large signup bonuses as a primary form of sportsbook promotion and many sportsbook members seek out high signup bonuses when searching for a new sportsbook. However, re-up bonuses, which are very similar, are quite important as well and should not be ignored when evaluating a sportsbook bonus package.

A sportsbook bonus package is always headlined by its signup bonus because this is the sportsbook bonus that a potential member will receive immediately upon joining a new sportsbook.

People tend to think in the immediate future, so it makes sense that they are primarily focused on the signup bonus they will receive when they signup with a new sportsbook. Furthermore, sportsbook bonus packages now often feature very significant signup bonuses, such as even 30%.

In other words, if you deposit $500 you could receive a bonus of $150 as a sportsbook bonus. Such a large increase in one’s initial bankroll can provide an extremely valuable safety net or can also be parlayed into higher winnings.

However, when analyzing a sportsbook bonus package it is very important to understand a sportsbook’s rollover policy, because a high rollover requirement should decrease the appeal of a sportsbook bonus. Rollover requirements are important to consider with re-up bonuses as well as signup bonuses.

Re-up bonuses tend to function identically to signup bonuses, the only difference being that they are applied on every deposit made after the initial deposit. Re-up bonuses are overlooked by many gamblers as they analyze sportsbook bonus packages because they seem to be in the distant future.

Nevertheless, once a bettor chooses a sportsbook he often stays with that sportsbook for many years, so it is important to think about how a sportsbook bonus package will continue to benefit you after your initial deposit.

This is not to say that re-up bonuses are necessarily more important than signup bonuses, but they simply should not be ignored. Some of the top sportsbook sites offer re-up bonuses that are just as high as their signup bonuses, but other sportsbooks are not nearly as generous with their re-up bonuses.

Consequently, one must carefully analyze a sportsbook bonus package rather than only considering the size of the signup bonus. In fact, after analyzing a sportsbook’s signup and re-up bonuses one should also consider buddy referral bonuses and loyalty programs.

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