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Sportsbook Betting on Winter Baseball

Sportsbook fans are currently in the middle of the baseball season. The postseason has arrived and offshore sportsbook sites are awash in bets on fans’ favorite teams.

But the MLB post season only lasts for several weeks and after that the sportsbook baseball betting season rolls to a halt for most fans. Sportsbook fans don’t have to accept the end of the baseball betting season, though, as there are plenty of other great opportunities out there. For many fans the only betting season for baseball is the MLB season in the US. And while MLB baseball is the most widely recognized baseball in the world and the most talented, it is hardly the only league in town. If you log onto any offshore sportsbook site you’re likely to find other forms of baseball betting as well.

In fact, baseball is one the fastest growing sports around and sportsbook operations have increased coverage of the sport accordingly. It used to be that MLB baseball was the only game open to sportsbook betting.

But baseball has become so popular in so many other parts of the world that it faces competition for sportsbook bets from parts of the world: Asia, Europe, and most poignantly in Latin America. All of these regions now have their own professional baseball circuits and fans go to sportsbooks and place wagers on their local teams.

Latin America is among the best of the other sportsbook baseball opportunities. In fact, the quality of professional baseball in the Caribbean now rivals that of MLB sportsbook betting. Latin American players have thrived in baseball, traditionally an American sport, and have a huge following in their native countries.

Many of the best players in the world today are from Latin America and many return to their countries of birth in the MLB off-season to play pro ball. The Caribbean World Series, in fact, has grown to rival the MLB World Series and sportsbook fans are beginning to take notice.

Most offshore sportsbook sites now include odds for the major baseball events in this region. For any offshore sportsbook fan not familiar with this style of baseball, you’d be surprised at all the big name players that participate.

In fact, it looks more like an all star game than a World Series some years. So if you’ve never tried your hand at sportsbook betting on foreign baseball, what are you waiting for?

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