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Sportsbook Betting on NFL and NCAA Football

Sportsbook betting fans are generally split into two camps when it comes to betting on football.

Many Internet sportsbook bettors prefer the action of the NFL while many prefer the college football sportsbook odds. And many enjoy both types of football, as different as the Internet sportsbook action may be for both.

Sportsbook lines for both types of football in huge demand and the busiest time of the year for Internet sportsbook operations are during the autumn and early winter months. But for hardcore sportsbooks fans of football the NFL and the NCAA football action are both very entertaining and very unique.

The obvious difference between the two Internet sportsbook betting options is the skill level. Whereas the college football game is played by teenagers and amateurs, the NFL sportsbook competition is between grown men and millionaires.

But the action on the field is also quite contrasting and creates a great difference of opinion among the Internet sportsbook crowd as to which product is better. In the pro game strategy is everything. In the NFL sportsbook action, every rare fan does talent trump game planning.

The notable exceptions are players like Peyton Manning or Tom Brady, QBs who set the tempo of sportsbook game at the line of scrimmage and can change up the plays according to what the defense strategy may be.

But aside from the QB, spot, and that’s only sometimes in the NFL sportsbook competition, any individual, no matter how good can be shut down. In NCAA football Internet sportsbook action , superstars at the running back, receiver and even some defensive positions can dominate a game.

While football still remains a team sport for the most part, there are certain sportsbook contests where one player has single-handedly destroyed his sportsbook opponent. How many times have you seen a RB run for 300 yards in a college sportsbook contest? Or a receiver score four TDs in a game?

It’s not all that common, but it happens with much more frequency in the college sportsbook action than in the NFL sportsbook action, where it almost never happens. The reason for this is the disparity in talent between the two sportsbook football competitions.

In the NFL everyone is excellent; otherwise they wouldn’t be in the NFL sportsbook competition. In college, some players are very good, and others are average. In college a match up between the likes of USC and Coppin State would produce huge numbers for the Trojans skill players.

But in the NFL sportsbook action there are no Coppin States, everyone team is USC in the pros for the most part.

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