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Sportsbook Betting on Basketball

Sportsbook betting fans have an entire universe of basketball wagering options at their finger tips every time they log onto their favorite online sportbsook.

From a tiny Division II team, to an NBA franchise, or even a international tournament team, the choices can seem endless. And if you’re a fan of basketball betting this is truly the best time in the history of the sport to be a fan. Sportsbook wagering has gone through a rapid from of evolution over the past decade as the industry leapt into the 21st century via the Internet.

Thanks to this few form of technology almost anything that seemed impossible before for sports bettors, was now very possible thanks to the development of on online sportsbook sites. Whereas before it was often difficult to find a sportsbook or even odds for a particular game, in today’s sportbsook betting age, nothing could be easier.

The shift has been 100% facilitated by the technological advancements that online sportsbooks bring to the table. But in basketball betting specifically the shift has been more than just about technology. The game of basketball itself has undergone a transformation on a global scale and sportsbook fans have been eating it up.

Until the early 1990s, basketball was primarily a game for Americans with little outside interest in the sportsbook odds for the NBA or college games. But with the opening of many previously closed markets such as China, the USSR and its satellite countries in Eastern Europe there are now all kinds of sportsbook fans that simply never existed before.

And while much of that can be attributed to newly available online sportsbook betting sites, it also has a lot to do with the new global nature of the game. Previously 99.9% of all the NBA featured in the sportsbook odds were Americans.

Today that figure seems laughable as the league is full of foreign born players that have made a huge impact on sportsbook in the US and abroad. Many changes to sportsbook basketball betting have also come at the college level.

Whereas before it was the upper-classman that dominated the sportsbook odds, in today’s game it’s the freshman that are the movers and shakers in the online sportsbook college basketball betting.

With rule changes that prohibit high school seniors from jumping straight to the NBA sportsbook competition these top prep players are now sticking around for a year in college and have so far had a monster impact on the game.

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