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Sportsbook Betting Favorites

Sportsbook betting encompasses just about every sporting event known to man.

From the women’s handball championships in the Dominican Republic to the soccer World Cup, event from small to huge is covered in the offshore sportsbook umbrella. But one question that many sportsbook fans would like to have answered is: Which is the greatest single sporting event in the offshore sportsbook competition today?

Sportsbook fans are as varied as the sports they bet on and you would like get a million different answers to this question if you asked enough people.

But the huge events that stand out even in the crowded waters of offshore sportsbook competition are of course the aforementioned World Cup, the World Series, the NBA championships, the Super Bowl, the Stanley Cup and others.

And then you have major events in less mainstream sportsbook sports such as the British Open or the Masters in golf and of course Wimbledon and the French Open in the tennis sportsbook action.

But how do you sort out which is the best offshore sportsbook event when its’ more or less comparing apples to oranges and dependant on personal preferences? It’s not easily done. But all things being equal the best sportsbook betting event has not been listed yet.

The event that gives the sportsbook bettors the most bang for their buck, the most variety and intense competition jammed into one single sportsbook event, is actually not even a professional event. The greatest single event in offshore sportsbook action simply has to be the NCAA basketball tournament.

Basketball, itself, is one of the greatest sportsbook betting sports there is. The action is fast, athletic and leads can change in an instant. Viewers are locked onto the action and at the college level the action is especially frantic and emotional, which makes for even better sportsbook action.

The level of passion and effort appears to be far greater at this level than at the NBA level and this added to the event. But more than anything it’s the format that makes this the single greatest sportsbook event out there. The competition consists of a massive 65 teams.

And while some might argue that the World Cup or the Champions League consists of even more, they would be true, but these sportsbook events play themselves out over a year or more, whereas the NCAA tournament is done and over with in about two weeks. So sportsbook fans certainly get a lot of bang for their buck.

And the icing on this event is the never ending supply of upsets that it almost always serves up in the sportsbook odds.

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