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Sportsbook Baseball Betting Odds

Sportsbook baseball betting odds are primarily based on the money line, which means that gamblers are laying odds on the favorite or taking odds on the dogs.

Let’s take a look at online sportsbook baseball odds. Sportsbook baseball betting odds might look like this: “Los Angeles Dodgers +120 – St. Louis Cardinals -140.

In that example, gamblers wanting the Dodgers would bet $100 and receive $120 plus their original $100 if they won the game. The same equivalent applies whether you bet $1 or $10,000 at the sportsbook.

If you wanted to bet St. Louis you would be laying $140 on the Cardinals for every $100 that you would want to win or the 14/10 equivalent at the sportsbook. You may have noticed a twenty-cent difference in the price between the Dodgers and the Cardinals at the sportsbook. This is known as a “twenty-cent line".

This is the equivalent of the “vig/juice” that you have to lay out on sportsbook baseball betting odds. Baseball betting lines at the sportsbook can range from dime lines to sixty-cent or higher betting lines in matchups that are involving prohibitive favorites against weak teams.

The baseball betting lines at the sportsbook have changed dramatically over the years as now power favorites with their star pitcher going against a weak team will often be heavily favored on the baseball betting lines at the online sportsbook.

For gamblers that want to take the favorite but don't want to lay out the big money at the online sportsbook, there is an alternative known as the “run line.” In this form of baseball betting at the sportsbook, gamblers can lay 1.5-runs on the favorite with a reduced price on the money line.

That also means that they can take the dog at plus 1.5-runs but lay more money for the extra 1.5 runs at the online sportsbook. Totals are also popular with gamblers at the sportsbook and they are wagered on similar to the sides on a money line basis.

These are the basic baseball betting options that you are likely to see at the sportsbook.

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