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Sportsbook and NBA at Sports Gambling

Sportsbook betting on pro basketball has plenty of opportunities for value oriented gamblers that can get past the typical online sportsbook mentality of betting NBA.

Sportsbook handicappers of the NBA will notice that there is a small core of real experts at how to succeed at betting pro hoops and then a large mass of the general online sportsbook community that just get their heads handed to them.  To the sportsbook masses, pro basketball wagering comes down to taking the power at home.

Sure, that would seem to be a good initial theory but right off the bat you must understand that everyone at an online sportsbook is thinking the same thing, at least those that are losers.  The real winners at a sportsbook, however, think like an online sportsbook oddsmaker rather than just another cog putting in his bets.

The oddsmakers give poor value to power home teams, even worse value to them when they are hosting a weak team, and will offer ADDED value to the road teams because they KNOW that the public sportsbook action is going to be geared towards the home power.

In other words, you will get more sportsbook value than you actually deserve if you look first at the road dog.  A great sportsbook study in this theory are the Oklahoma City Thunder.  Oklahoma City began the season as the worst team in pro basketball, as evidenced by their straight up record of 2-21.

With a record like that you simply cannot attract sportsbook betting desire.  Most of your average sportsbook gamblers, in fact, will flock to bet against the Thunder.  That is why the sportsbook linemaker will sweeten the pot and add more to the deal if you take the rotten Oklahoma City Thunder on the road.

The result?  Oklahoma City, pro basketball’s most hopeless team, the team that the masses salivate to wager against, was 8-3 against the spread in all of their road games!  A great sportsbook example of the opposite would be the twin powers of the league, Boston and the Lakers.

Boston, despite a 21-2 overall record was just 7-6 against the spread at home.  The Lakers, despite an overall record of 18-3, were just 6-6 against the number at home.  This demonstrates the utter lack of value of these two great teams at home.

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