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Sportbook and Fans of the NBA

Sportsbook betting on NBA games has grown into an increasingly weary spectacle.

This is a very sad development not only for online sportsbook bettors but also for the game itself. The NBA features the greatest basketball from all over the world and the fact that game is increasingly decided by men with whistles rather than the flow of competition is one that lacks service to sportsbook fans, but of more consequence, to the game of basketball itself. Sportsbook fans have been growing more and more frustrating with the overreaching efforts of the referees in the NBA for years now.

But in recent NBA sportsbook campaigns the whistle-happy referees have grown increasingly bothersome. And who’s even to say it’s the referees fault?

As some online sportsbook fans have opined, it almost seems as if they are simply acting on some type of directive from NBA higher-ups to ensure that certain high profile players are guaranteed free throws every time the touch the ball during the course of an NBA sportsbook game.

Anyone who has even seen part of an NBA online sportsbook competition in the past year or two is certainly familiar with this. Take for example Kobe Bryant, who will either score or be fouled 90% of the time he touches the ball.

Not to take anything from Bryant, who is a brilliant talent as he does score quite often, and is adept as anyone in the NBA sportsbook competition at drawing fouls. But too many times it’s obvious he was never touched when he enters the lane even though whistles blows and fouls are called.

For an online sportsbook fan nothing is more frustrating. But most sportsbooks fans have grown accustomed to this and simply accept it. The saddest thing is that it the NBA front office and David Stern are clearly aware of what is going on, and how much the refs unnaturally influence the outcome of NBA sportsbook competitions.

And yet he has done nothing to curb this. To the contrary it seems at times that he almost encourages this corruption of the natural sportsbook outcomes in the NBA. This type of awful officiating is easy to pin down at the individual level but it also occurs at an obscene level in the context of the team as well.

Free throw attempts in the post season almost always favor the home team by an obscene amount in most NBA sportsbook playoff games. There is simply no other explanation for this than the interference of referees in the sportsbook action.

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