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Sportsbook AFC Football Betting Divisions

Sportsbooks NFL betting action is divided into two different conferences: the American Football Conference (AFC) and the National Football Conference (NFC).

Each conference contains the same number of online sportsbooks teams. These sportsbooks conferences are further divided into four divisions with four teams each. Sportsbooks action in the ACF is broken down into the AFC North, AFC South, AFC East and the AFC West.

This is the same identical breakdown of the NFC and makes it quite easy for online sportsbooks fans to group the 32 NFL teams. The alignment in the NFL wasn’t always so symmetrical and the present sportsbooks alignment only came about several years ago, much to the benefit of online sportsbooks fans.

In the AFC North there are several very old rivalries which are hugely popular among sportsbooks NFL fans. The Pittsburgh Steelers are one of the oldest NFL teams around have been mixing it up with their nemesis the Cleveland Browns for well over a half century in the sportsbooks odds.

The other teams in the sportsbooks division, the Cincinnati Bengals and the Baltimore Ravens are rather new franchises and don’t enjoy nearly the same sportsbooks following as the older teams, although, the Ravens did win an online sportsbooks Super Bowl title.

The AFC South is a relatively new creation and features some of the newest teams in the NFL sportsbooks odds like Jacksonville, Tennessee and Houston. The Jags and the Texans are expansion teams and the Titans have only been playing in Tennessee for a relatively short amount of time by sportsbooks online standards.

The standard bearer for this sportsbook division is the Indy Colts which were world champs two years ago. In the AFC East the New England Patriots have an interesting position. Over the past decade this has been the best team in the NFL.

But traditionally, the Pats have been the laughing stock of this sportsbooks division. Teams like the Dolphins, the historically most significant team in the division has beaten up on the Pats.

The other two teams in the sportsbook division, with brief exceptions have been historically bad as well, as both the Bills and the Jets have little to show in the form of a winning tradition.

On the other coast the AFC West is a collection of old AFL teams that have had plenty of ups and downs in the sportsbooks. Denver has won a few Super Bowls and been there plenty of times thanks to sportsbooks great John Elway.

San Diego has never known much sportsbooks success since its AFL days and the Raiders and the Chiefs are no ones paradigm of sportsbooks success.

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