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Reading the Sportsbook Line

Sportsbook betting lines are easy to read if you understand what you are looking at.

Keep in mind that when you wager at the online sportsbook you are paying an extra 10% over and above what you want to win. Let’s look at how to understand the sportsbook line. Online sportsbook lines are made in an attempt to attract action to both sides of the game.

The first thing to understand about sportsbook lines is that they are not always set based on pure merit or the true abilities of the teams involved in the matchup. Because of the “juice factor” the sportsbook objective is to set pointspreads that will attract equal amounts of betting action on both sides of a matchup and that is not always easy to do.

This means that the best teams are not always favored and that teams are often favored by too much or too little. In fact, it is rare to see sportsbook betting lines that are set based on the pure merits and abilities of the teams involved in a matchup.

You will often, in fact, hear the media refer to the sportsbook oddsmakers as the experts and the betting line be referred to as “what the experts think". This happens on a regular basis week after week in football and in other sports. Just look at the sportsbook line every week and you will see perception influencing the odds.

Sometimes what the sportsbook line reflects is more of an opinion of what the public is likely to bet rather than what might happen in the game.

Factors that will alter the sportsbook pointspreads would include such items as recent results, team popularity, team reputation with the betting public, media spin and attention on a matchup, along with strong statistics and trends. Look at what we just said closer. Look at how many public factors are incorporated into the sportsbook odds.

To succeed in your read of the sportsbook pointspreads, you want to be able to know the difference between what the online sportsbook line should be and what the online sportsbook line actually is.

The greater the difference there is between the two, the more online sportsbook betting value there is and that is what you want when you bet at the online sportsbook.

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