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Online Sportsbooks and NBA Gambling at Sports Gambling Sportsbook

Sportsbooks are working overtime right now with the Super Bowl just a week away, but one of the mainstays of online sportsbooks is also gearing up for some big excitement.

Sportsbooks rarely devote all that much attention to all star games, but when it comes to the showcase events, the NBA all star game is definitely the best that sportsbooks betting boards have to offer.  While the NFL game consists of all back ups, and the MLB game is a bit slow, the NBA all star game offers just the right mix of action, talent and competition and that’s what makes it one of the most exciting online sportsbooks events out there.

This year the West will boast an extremely talented line-up that looks to have a bit of an edge in terms of talent compared to the East.  The West’s starting line up this year contains a pair of teammates, something that hasn’t happened for a few years.  Sportsbooks fans will have to go all the way back to days of Kobe and Shaq in Lakers uniforms for the last time it occurred.  This year instead of a Lakers duo, fans of sportsbooks will see two Nuggets on the court to start the game: Carmello Anthony and Allen Iverson.

At the center spot the sportsbooks odds makers will see little chance.  Yao Ming the big man from Shanghai owns this spot and will his sixth straight start in what should be little surprise to fans of online sportsbooks who’ve grown accustomed to seeing him there.  Joining him in the paint at power forward also is a favorite of fans of sportsbooks and one of the greatest players ever: Tim Duncan.  These two picks are perhaps the most predictable of any and if sportsbooks fans had to wager on which players would be included in the starting five, these two names certainly would have been at the top of the list.

And last, the starting shooing guard is some guy named Kobe Bryant, someone sportsbooks aficionados are certainly familiar with.  Bryant, an online sportsbooks regular is playing in his tenth straight all star game and for a change his team is also playing very well.This is a very strong line up and online sportsbooks will have their hands full trying to handicap this match up.