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Online Sportsbook Odds at Sports Gambling Sportsbook

Sportsbook fans have a big catalogue of sports betting odds right now. With all the goings-on it’s hard to decide which online sportsbook odds you want

And while most people are focused on the Super Bowl right now the NBA just announced the starters for the All Star, another very interesting event that sportsbook odds makers track. Sporstbook companies are obviously hyping the Super Bowl right now as it’s the biggest event single day event of the year for most online sportsbooks

But in several weeks the NBA all star game will he held and the top two dozen basketball players in the world will take the court in New Orleans, a sportbook fan’s dream! Most average sportsbook fans could guess the roster for both the East and the West, but this year the East team in particular has a few surprises which might make the online sportsbook odds makers rethink their betting lines.

There are of course the old regulars in the Eastern Conference lineup that fans have come to expect like Dwayne Wade and of course King James.  These two players have roster spots for life and it will likely be a decade before sportsbook fans see them held off an all-star squad.  Any sportsbook fan that has seen the Heat play this year has noticed that Wade has not had an easy season thus far but he still putting up big numbers without much help.  And of course, every sportsbook fan knows that there has been no one better this year than LeBron who’s having his best season ever and become the best player in the game without question.

The starting point guard though might surprise a few sportsbook aficionados.  Jason Kidd, the aging wonder is having one of his best seasons ever and was rightfully selected by fans and certainly some fans among them, as the starting point guard.
At the two paint positions there has been great turnover as sportsbook junkies might be surprised to learn that two first time starters were selected, but the sportsbook world will certainly not be surprised by the names.  Kevin Garnett, the wily veteran, will be making his first start for the East, and all-world center Dwight Howard will be taking over for the wounded Shaq.  The big man’s dominant days are over and the passing of the torch to Howard as the East’s beast in the paint has been made.

All in all it’s a tough starting line up that online sports betting sites will be handicapping.