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Online Sportsbook NHL Playoff Action at Sports Gambling

Online sportsbook gamblers have seen a trilling first two rounds of the NHL playoffs with the added sportsbook bonus of stunning surprises as well!

Online sportsbook betting on the NHL post season requires more handicapping knowledge as NHL gambling offers the sportsbook bonus of more unpredictability.  The online sportsbook surprises started right away in the first round when the eight-seed Anaheim Ducks defeated the number one seed San Jose Sharks in the west.

The east had nearly just as big of an online sportsbook upset when the seven-seed Carolina Hurricanes defeated the two-seed New Jersey Devils.  Both of these series demonstrated the potential for sportsbook bonus results for gamblers that are value oriented and willing to take large underdogs.

Unlike other sports where the bottom seeds rarely score online sportsbook upset wins, in hockey it happens frequently.  In fact it happens so frequently that it is hard to say that there is much of an online sportsbook upset that would totally shock anyone that bets on the NHL post season.

Carolina went on to again stun gamblers when they defeated the one-seed Boston Bruins in a thrilling seven game series that turned the bankrolls of many online sportsbook gamblers upside down.

Carolina has emerged as the online sportsbook “Cinderella” team of the NHL playoffs as they prepare to meet the Pittsburgh Penguins in the NHL eastern conference finals.  The Penguins pulled off their own online sportsbook upset when they sent the Washington Capitals packing after a thrilling seven game second round series.

Pittsburgh is the defending eastern conference champions and demonstrated the value of experience in the NHL post season.  The Washington Capitals were simply not seasoned enough for success in the playoffs as they only made the first round last year after missing in seasons past.

The Chicago Blackhawks took care of the Vancouver Canucks while the Detroit Red Wings held on to escape in seven games against the Anaheim Ducks to set up a classic western conference final!

The Blackhawks have proven to be one of the most balanced teams in the league as have the Red Wings, who ranked 2nd in offense and 2nd on defense after the first two rounds of play!

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