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Online Sportsbook Best Bets - NCAAFB Power Dogs at Sports Gambling

Online sportsbook action will see the casual fans bet on the power teams, but as expensive sportsbook online home chalks.

Online sportsbook “sharps” know that the best time to make a sportsbook online bet with the power is on those rare occasions when they are getting points!  It is rare that a power team in college football will be getting any points at an online sportsbook so when they do it is often one of the best bargains and values that you can find for a sportsbook online wager.

The Alabama Crimson Tide, now a perennial national championship contender under coach Nick Saban, are a great example of an online sportsbook power dog.  The Tide has failed to get the cash in just 2 out of their last 6 games when getting points.  Alabama has failed to get the cash, however, in 11 of their last 20 games as a chalk.

The Georgia Bulldogs are another outstanding example of an online sportsbook power dog.  UGA has covered 5 out of their last 7 games against the spread when getting points compared to just 3 payoffs in their last 10 games as an online sportsbook favorite.

Yet another SEC power, the Florida Gators, are further proof of the value of power dogs as they are 10-3 against the spread when getting points!  The Texas Longhorns have been one of the most dangerous online sportsbook underdogs in all of college football in recent years as they have gotten the cash in 10 out of their last 13 games when getting points.

Their hated Big 12 rival Oklahoma Sooners have also been a dangerous online sportsbook pup with 13 payoffs in their last 20 games when getting points!  The Ohio State Buckeyes have been a rock solid 60% play against the spread in the past 10 seasons as a power underdog.

It’s rare when the Southern Cal Trojans are getting points but when they do you want to jump on board as they have beaten the online sportsbook board 11 out of their last 14 games when getting points.  There is nothing wrong with taking a power team in college football as long as the price is right.  Power+Points=profits in college football!

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