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Online Sportsbook Bad Betting

Online sportsbook wagering involves betting on good teams. Did you know though that bad teams in all sports can be profitable against the sportsbook line?

Online sportsbook wagering that involves pointspreads means that each team has an equal chance to win. That is what makes sportsbook gambling difficult. It is that little thing called the pointspread. Just because a team has a big name doesn’t mean they will always win, and just because a team is bad straight up doesn’t mean they can’t be profitable against the online sportsbook spread.

We know that it is hard to take teams like Northwestern in college football, the Detroit Lions in the NFL, Rice in college basketball or the Los Angeles Clippers in the NBA but these teams can cover the spread. Sometimes value when looking at the online sportsbook betting line you will find value in unlikely places.

You might have a team like Rice that continually loses straight up but finds a way to stay close enough to cover the spread. Just because a team is bad does not mean you can’t make money betting on them at the sportsbook. Very often the professional bettors will bet on bad teams at the online sportsbook.

You won’t see many public bettors doing it though. The perception of a bad team is that since they can’t win that means they can’t cover the online sportsbook spread. That is a fallacy that causes bettors to lose money. Sometimes the bad team can be getting great value against the online sportsbook spread.

For example, let’s say that Miami of Florida is hosting Ohio in college football. The Hurricanes may be 30 point favorites against the online sportsbook spread. If Ohio can score just one touchdown they may be able to cover the sportsbook pointspread. Even though we know Miami is going to win it doesn’t take much for Ohio to cover.

Very often in online sportsbook betting it doesn’t take much for a bad team to be a good bet. Just think of how perfect a game Miami has to play to cover 30 points. Just one mistake could be enough to give Ohio the cover in online sportsbook betting. In online sportsbook betting you can often find value on bad teams against the pointspread.