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Offshore Sportsbook NBA Surprises

Offshore sportsbook on NBA betting has been a fascinating study so far as after a month of sportsbook action handicappers still try and get a read on the teams.

Offshore sportsbook players consist of a few experts and then the masses who tend to flock towards what is best known, most popular, and least valuable on the internet sportsbook boards.  There is no better known offshore sportsbook pro basketball team than the Boston Celtics, who were defending champs last year and return the same team of stars this year.

Boston started the offshore sportsbook season 14-2 straight up and yet covered just HALF of those games!  Now contrast that offshore sportsbook lack of value with the Milwaukee Bucks.  The Bucks were one of the worst NBA teams last season, which made them one of the least wanted teams at an internet sportsbook this year.

So while Milwaukee started this offshore sportsbook NBA season 7-10 straight up they were 12-4-1 against the spread.  This is a classic offshore sportsbook value lesson on how a smart NBA handicapper will take the extra points and value with teams like Milwaukee, who resemble a valuable “dog” stock.

An even more extreme offshore sportsbook value example would be the Oklahoma City Thunder.  The Thunder opened this NBA offshore sportsbook season with a record of 1-15 straight up.  The obvious offshore sportsbook theory would be to bet against them every game.

The problem, however, is that the offshore sportsbook linemaker knows that is the public theory so he jacks up the price on Oklahoma City’s opponents as a result, as he tries to even the betting action to both sides.

As a result, Oklahoma City went a respectable 7-9 against the spread, proving that you can’t expect to make easy money betting against them.  This is why if you catch yourself thinking the obvious, you are likely going to be obviously wrong!

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