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Offshore Sportsbook at Sports Gambling Sportsbook

Offshore sportsbooks are very interesting phenomena that have developed over the past decade. Not all internet sportsbook fan is familiar with the concept

Offshore sportsbooks are what make it possible for sports bettors in the U.S., Europe, Asia other parts of the world to make sports book bets. Offshore sportsbooks have grown in volume in the past few years and that’s been great news for sportsbook bettors.

Offshore sportsbooks may sound like some exotic betting strategy but really it’s quite a simple concept.  The term ‘offshore sportsbook’ simply refers to any sportsbook that is based in a foreign country, off U.S. soil.  Not really all that exotic at all if you think about it.  Why aren’t there any sportsbook on U.S. soil or why are offshore sportsbook necessary people might ask?  The reason of course is that the U.S. government has banned sportsbooks from U.S. soil.  Therefore these legitimate businesses are forced to set up outside of U.S. jurisdiction in the form of offshore sportsbooks.

The majority of these offshore sportsbooks are set up in areas of the Caribbean.  This allows to still be in close proximity of the U.S. and costs are of course lower than inside the U.S.; in addition, there is a relatively high volume of English speaking operators in this area is which is key for the operation of a offshore sportsbook.

The U.S. congress has made some effort in the past to try and shut down these with no success.  And it’s not likely that any new attempts to shutdown these sportsbooks will result in success either.  For one thing the U.S. has no jurisdiction to exercise over these countries in forcing them to shut down the offshore sportsbooks.  It would be a gross violation of international law the U.N. charter and just about any other code of decency if the U.S. Congress were to attempt another country to shut down an offshore sportsbook.

But more than this, offshore sportsbooks provide jobs to hundreds of thousands of people throughout the world.  To begin shutting down offshore sportsbooks simply because you don’t like them would destroy the livelihoods of many, many families throughout the world.  There is a great deal of good that due aside from providing the great entertainment to sports bettors that it does.

The recent rise in the offshore sportsbook population is a great testament to the popularity of sportsbooks around the world and the number will likely continue to rise.