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NL East Sportsbook Tightening Up

As the baseball world gears up for its mid-summer hiatus and all star game there are plenty of great sportsbook betting angles shaping up.

For anyone following the sportsbook baseball season there has been plenty of excitements thus and likely even more online sportsbook excitement in the second half of the season. And one of the most exciting sportsbook storylines shaping up is the battle for the NL East.

The NL East has been a doormat division in recent years with the high-rolling Mets dominating the sportsbook battles by outspending its weak division neighbors. But the doormat has risen up and the battle for the online sportsbook betting crown in this division should go down to the wire.

In contrast to years past when the sportsbook competition has been tight in the pennant races, this year the sportsbook competition is tight, and the teams are actually playing at a high level. Heading into the all star break the Phillies sit atop the division with a 49-43 record in sportsbook competition.

This is team loaded with talent and on every online sportsbook short list of NL contenders. But year in and year out this team underperforms despite having one of the best rosters in the sportsbooks on paper.

But this year the team could actually do it and many sportsbooks fans expect this team to separate itself in the second half of the online sportsbook season. Just a game and a half back is the surprising team in the NL this sportsbook gambling season.

After unloading two of its top players in the offseason, the Marlins have stunned the sportsbook world by racking up a 47-44 record and rank as one of the top offensive clubs in all of baseball.

Starting the season seemingly void of any talent, except at shortstop, this team has simply found a way to win and with two of its staring pitchers coming back in the second half of the sportsbook season they could keep on surprising.

The Mets are now finally getting hot and with all the talent they have, there is no reason why they shouldn’t be involved in any sportsbook pennant race as well.