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NFL sportsbook season at Sports

Contrary to much sportsbook conjecture Brett Favre will suit up in his familiar green jersey in the 2008 online sportsbook betting season.

However, as every sportsbook fans knows by now, it will not be the green of the Green Bay Packers, but rather that of the sportsbook doormat New York Jets.  While change seemed inevitable to every online sporsbook fan out there, the Jets seemed an unlikely destination for the most decorated QB in sportsbook history.

The Brett Favre drama was blown completely out proportion and played out entirely too long for most sportsbook fans’ taste.  But the resolution that came out of the whole silly mess has left a strange taste in most online sportsbook fans’ mouths.  In the early going of the ordeal it was though that perhaps he as headed to a sportsbook division rival, but on further reflection it was revealed that the Packers brass weren’t as ignorant as they may have appeared and this was not an option for the upcoming sportsbook season.

And even when the Jets and the Bucs emerged as the front runners in the Favre sportsbook sweepstakes, the Bucs looked like a clear favorite.  There were even erroneous reports that a deal had been reached between the two sides on many online sportsbook sites.  And the Bucs seemed a perfect fit:  warm weather for an aging QB, and a very good team missing only a goof QB.  But as with most things in the world of sportsbook betting, the situation did not end as many thought it might.

The Jets offered much more than the Bucs were willing to and so won the rights to the biggest NFL trade target in sportsbook history.  The Jets have a decent foundation to build on but no one expects them to win a Super Bowl, even if they now have 15-1 odds on most online sportsbooks.  The Jets have a tremendous offensive line, a relatively easy division (minus the Pats) and some great young talent at the skill positions.  Still, it’s not enough to get this team to the upper echelon in a tough AFC and most sportsbook experts expect the team to sneak into the playoffs as sportsbook wild card at best.