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Mets in NL East Sportsbook Hunt

The story of the Mets in the 2008 sportsbook action has been a thrilling one to say the least.

For most of the first half of the season the sportsbook pages were filled with stories of gloom and underachieving. But since the firing of manager Willie Randolph the team has been on a tear and now not only the hottest team in sportsbook action, but within a game of grabbing the NL East lead for the first time in the online sportsbook action.

The Mets have long been considered underperformers in the sprotsbook world simply based on their massive payroll. The Mets outspend not only their sportsbook divisional rivals, but most of the MLB. Yet they have very little to show for all their talent and free agent sportsbook spending.

In fact, this season looked to be another horrific example of how the Mets seem to always find a find a way to finish at less than online sportsbook experts expectations.

But over the past six weeks this team has turned things around and heading into the sportsbook all star break is considered a top contender out the NL. Having won its last nine-games before the all star sportsbook break this team will the one to watch in the second half of the sportsbook schedule.

The pitching is coming on, the bats have woken up and the team is finally playing at the level most sportsbook fans expected it to play at. What makes this team even more of a sportsbook contender is the fact that its divisional opponents are relatively weak.

While not necessarily a cake walk the Mets major competition for an NL divisional sportsbook title are the Phillies and the Marlins. The Phillies have some huge bats and currently have a half sportsbook lead in the division. But their pitching, as always is rotten and not likely to hold up over the second half of the online sportsbook action.

The Marlins are a great story, but unless they get much better play from their starting pitching, hey will fade into the sportsbook playoff background. With strong play at the play, the bull pen and the starting rotation starting to show signs of life, this Mets club looks like a very strong pick for sportsbook fans to take the NL East.