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The Media Impacts the Sportsbook Odds at Sports

Sportsbook odds are impacted by the media a lot more than you might think.

If a story comes about a team or a major injury is released, the online sportsbook odds are likely to move.  The media also influences the public and the public then bets at the sportsbook.

Sportsbook odds, especially sportsbook football odds, are greatly influenced by the media and the public.  Notice we said influenced. That does not mean these sportsbook line moves win any money. Most of the public gets the majority of their sportsbook betting information from the traditional media, which nowadays is the Internet, sports television and radio, and the papers. The media's job is to attract an audience and if that means that they have to spice up stories, or even sensationalize them, they will not hesitate to do just that. Beyond that, the media report on stories without a sportsbook betting perspective, as it is simply sports news or stories to them. To be fair, it is not their job to pick sportsbook betting winners but it is also fair to point out that they have demonstrated to have no hesitation about doing so.

The media, for the most part, seems to spin their stories in the same manner and fashion. It is as if the entire sports media gets together and decides what story or angle to cover, but also beyond that, what spin to put on it. Most important of all, however, is that that the sportsbook oddsmakers are fully aware not only of the media spin, but also how the sportsbook public is likely to wager with that information. As a result, when the masses are all lining up to bet on a certain side at the sportsbook that has been built up by the media, that side will have less than equal value because the online sportsbook oddsmakers will raise the lines up based on the spin/market demand.

At the end, all the media accomplishes is to drive the price of a game up to the point where the value is on the other side of the game at the sportsbook.  When you look at the sportsbook odds this season take a second glance and see if the media has overly influenced the online sportsbook line.  If so, you might want to take the other side at the online sportsbook.

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