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Favre, NFL Sportsbook Career at Sports Gambling

It didn’t seem like it would last and many sportsbook fans said as much when Favre announced his retirement from NFL online sportsbook competition.

But months seem like lifetime in NFL sportsbook competition and now that training camp is around the corner the online sportsbook community is abuzz with rumor that Favre is looking to make a comeback after three months of retirement.

Nothing has been confirmed this far but the consensus is that Favre will be playing somewhere once the sportsbook season begins.  To picture Favre wearing anything else than the familiar Packer green and yellow seems almost sacrilegious for many sportsbook fans but that option seems more and more likely to most online sportsbook sites.

The Packers have a problem that on the surface most sportsbook NFL teams would love to have: too many quality QBs.

No doubt this situation is a rarity in sportsbook action where most teams have a hard enough time signing even one good QB, whereas the Packers have to capable QBs to begin the season is Favre comes out of online sportsbook retirement.

But the problem is that if the Packers take Favre back and give him the starting job to begin the sportsbook season, they will all but certainly lose their other QB Aaron Rodgers to free agency in the sportsbook off-season.

And so the Packers must decide if that is a sportsbook risk they are willing to take. Favre has proven that he is still a marquee QB in the league and one of the best in the sportsbook action.

But how many more solid sportsbook seasons does he have? If the answer is three or four than the Packers would most likely take him back and let Rodgers walk.  But the sportsbook reality is that he has maybe one, and at best two, good sportsbook seasons left in him.

So is it worth getting the legend back for one run at sportsbook betting title and leave the position empty for the future. Or is it better to bed the hall of famer farewell and get started on the future with a young QB that has a decade of sportsbook competition left?

Not an easy question to answer, yet that’s exactly what the Packers must do before the sportsbook competition begins.