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Favre at the Next Sportsbook Season at Sports Gambling Sportsbook

Sportsbook fans across the country can hardly be surprised to learn that NFL legend Brett Favre is looking to comeback to play another year in the NFL.

One of the best players in the history of sportsbook and still able to play at a very high level, it only makes sense that his competitive juices would want to return to the online sportsbook action. Yet, with his former employer, the Green Bay Packers, less than pleased with this reception, it creates an interesting scenario and many sportsbook fans are wondering which jersey Favre will be wearing once the sportsbook season begins.

Favre recently asked for his unconditional release from the Pack and in not so many words was told that this would not happen. That means two possible scenarios: when the sportsbook action begins this fall Favre will still be a Packer; or when the sportsbook action begins this fall Favre will have been traded. The Packers are wise to keep the trade option available and get something in return according to online sportsbook experts. But would the trade booty that Favre would bring to Green Bay be of more value than Favre himself? Most sportsbook fans would emphatically say no!

So then in this sportsbook scenario, the most attractive options for the Packers would seem to be to keep Favre on the roster to begin the online sportsbook season. Yet they’ve already promised the starting job to fourth-year QB Aaron Rodgers, a very promising young sportsbook player. And if they hand the job back to Favre Rodgers is very unlikely to sign a new QB with the Packers and that would leave the team high and dry in the sportsbook action when Favre retires again in the likely not too distant sportsbook betting future.

There are no easy choices for the Packers and the situation will likely get ugly according to many sportsbook analysts before it gets resolved. But why not keep Favre, open the QB job up to competition, so that the best player gets the job, just as every other position in NFL sportsbook action is. If Rodgers wins the job is his and Favre would have to be content with life as a sportsbook NFL back up. But if Favre wins, the same sportsbook fate would have to be swallowed by Rodgers. After all, despite what the Packers say, no player in the NFL is entitled to any job and that’s certainly true of Rodgers.