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College Postseason Sportsbook Betting Odds

Sportsbook college odds are great to bet during the postseason whether that is college football or college basketball.

You should be aware that there are different dynamics as far as what goes into the sportsbook betting lines as there is more ignorant money wagered on the playoffs, regardless of sport, since there is more public interest. Let’s look at college postseason betting odds at an online sportsbook. Sportsbook odds don’t get any more popular than during the NCAA basketball tournament, known as “March Madness".

This is a great example of how the post season betting lines at the sportsbook get altered greatly from what you would see in the regular season. The first full weekend of March Madness, which is comprised of the first and second round games, is the most heavily booked weekend in Las Vegas and one of the busiest as far as both Vegas and an online sportsbook with their betting lines.

Beyond that, with this increase in sportsbook gambling traffic comes an increase in the betting odds/prices of the most popular traditional power college basketball programs such as North Carolina, Duke, Kansas, Kentucky, and UCLA at the online sportsbook.

The fact that these teams will often go down early in the tournament is a testimony not only to the parity and the emotion of the tournament, but also to how such teams are often overlays because of the betting public's “comfort zone” level against the college basketball betting lines at the sportsbook.

You will often see a similar affect in the college football betting lines at the sportsbook on bowl games. Sportsbook gamblers will see that many bowl games will feature matchups of lesser known or mid-level programs going up against big time programs that had disappointing seasons and had to “settle” for lesser bowls.

While the sportsbook betting lines will be heavy on the better known programs, because of the sportsbook gambling public, the motivational and intangible edges will often be with those lesser known programs.

Gambling against the college post season betting lines at the online sportsbook can often be ripe with opportunity for sportsbook gamblers who can see beyond the sportsbook numbers and read the values offered.

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