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College Basketball Sportsbook Betting Odds

Sportsbook college basketball betting odds are a definitely challenge to gamblers since there are well over two-hundred teams that are regularly on the board during the season.

Beyond that, there are three different seasons within the season when it comes to betting on college basketball at the online sportsbook. Sportsbook college basketball betting odds give you so many different opportunities during the season. You will find more competitive balance and parity in the college basketball betting lines at the online sportsbook in the conference regular season, which runs primarily from January through early March.

These are great matchups that give you a lot of excitement when you wager on college hoops at the sportsbook. The first month and a half of the college basketball season can be tricky against the sportsbook betting lines.

Those games in mid-November through December combine mismatches that feature the traditional big time powers against lesser known schools along with some highly attractive inter-conference matchups at the online sportsbook.

What makes the college basketball sportsbook betting lines so perilous in the early part of the season is that there is considerable roster turnover each off season due to eligibility, recruiting, and other factors such as players leaving early for the pros.

The first part of the season is a good time, therefore, to exercise caution against the college basketball betting lines at the sportsbook as often highly touted teams will prove to not be up to what was projected, and vice versa.

The college basketball post season in March at the sportsbook, which is highlighted by the NCAA tournament, has the additional factor of considerably more public money being wagered at the online sportsbook as the “Big Dance” has grown into a monster that rivals the Super Bowl in popularity.

The tournament is an entirely different part of the college basketball betting season at the sportsbook and must be handicapped differently. What you really have with college basketball betting lines at the sportsbook is three separate seasons within a season.

You have the early non-conference games in November and December at the online sportsbook, the conference schedule in January and February and the post season in March. That is a lot of exciting action at the sportsbook in college hoops.

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