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China Holds Early Sportsbook Lead

Last century has been called the American century, but this new century, at least in terms of Olympic sportsbook competition, has often been called China’s century.

With the country’s rise in the global geo-political and economic landscape its sporting rise has garnered less attention in the offshore sportsbook universe. But as it has displayed so far in the early going of the Olympic sportsbook betting, China is an Olympic powerhouse and offshore sportsbook fans should take note.

Even four years ago at the Athens games the Chinese came on strong and were barely edged out by the US in the offshore sportsbook competition for gold medals. In the total medal count China placed third and also surprised many sportsbook fans with its prowess in the Olympic sportsbook odds.

And with rising living conditions, greater experience in international competitions and improved training facilities, many offshore sportsbook odds makers made China the team to beat in Beijing. So far these offshore sportsbook odds makers have looked like sages.

Through the first few days of the sportsbook competition the Chinese have dominated the gold medal race. After three days of competition the Chinese won 11 golds versus only seven for the second place team, US, in the sportsbook gold medal race.

The US is seen by most offshore sportsbook experts as the only country that could challenge China for the gold medal count lead. The competition between these two countries has been tremendous and one of the most closely followed in the sportsbook world.

Since the collapse of the USSR the US has dominated that Olympic sportsbook medal races and if China were to win it would represent much more than just a simple passing of the sportsbook torch. It would have huge reverberations not just in the sportsbook world, but the great balance of power in the world as well.

With many of the US’ strongest sportsbook events still ahead it’s difficult to say with certainty that China will win the gold medal race, but all sportsbook odds seem to point in that direction. And if that were to happen, it would seem that so far, this really is the Chinese century, at least in the Olympic sportsbook results.