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An Overrated Sportsbook Betting Factor

Sportsbook betting lines give you a lot of things to consider when you handicap a game.

Perhaps the most overrated factor that people look at when handicapping an online sportsbook betting line is a team’s last game. You should remember that teams are rarely as good as they look, and usually not as bad as they just played. Sportsbook handicapping factors include a lot of different things, not just the last game.

With a last game anything can happen in regards to statistics. In football there are turnovers, injuries, bad breaks, and just plain bad play that can make things look worse than they actually are. Experienced online sportsbook gambling players know that it can be very dangerous to concentrate heavily on a team’s last game.

As you look at online sportsbook lines remember that things are not always as easy as they appear. Many sportsbook handicappers know that when a team has unbelievable success in one game that it often does not carry over to the next game. If a team gets a lot of turnovers in football one week they are unlikely to get the same good fortune the next week.

Usually a team that plays poorly one week will play better the following week. The bad performance very often gives that team extra incentive to perform at a higher level. The same thing can sometimes be said when a team plays well. They start hearing how great they are from everyone and sometimes that causes them to let down.

They might not work quite as hard or do things with intensity. The sportsbook betting season is a long one. Teams have ups and downs throughout the season. We have to remember that when a team wins big one week, they are almost assuredly going to get extra respect the next week in online sportsbook lines.

The sportsbook oddsmaker is going to make you pay a premium price if you want to take the team coming off an impressive last game. You do have to be careful opposing the last game sometimes though in sportsbook betting. It applies more to baseball than other sports because the word “streak” applies.

Teams do get on streaks and just run off games in sportsbook betting. In sports like football and basketball it doesn’t really matter as much since the sportsbook oddsmaker can still overreact but in baseball a win on the money line is a win at the sportsbook. Teams are rarely as good as they look, and are usually not as bad as they appear.

Usually sportsbook bettors overreact to what they saw last. Remember that the next time you look at online sportsbook odds.

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