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Online Sportsbook Basketball Gambling

Online sportsbook betting odds for basketball are available for well over half of the calendar year, find opportunities when betting at a sportsbook.

Online sportsbook betting for college basketball is unique in that it consists of three seasons within the season.  There are the non-conference games of November and December which offer a mixture of mismatches and some attractive tournament matchups at the sportsbook. Then there is the conference regular season of January and February followed by the post season of conference tournaments on the online sportsbook board and then the “Big Dance” of the NCAA Tournament and the also-ran National Invitational Tournament.

Pro basketball has a marathon regular season at the online sportsbook that runs from the start of November through mid-April and then a two month playoff grind.  Each team plays 82 regular season games in the NBA while college teams usually end up with around 30 games each.

Keep in mind that there are over 300 division 1-A college basketball programs and, on a typical winter Saturday, the online sportsbook board can seem hopelessly intimidating and beyond anyone's ability to have a full grip on.

Add in a full slate of NBA games and you have the potential for a lot of confusion and a cluttered mind when looking at sportsbook odds. One of the keys to succeeding at basketball betting at an online sportsbook is to keep it simple and know that less is more.

Nobody ever made a living at basketball betting at an online sportsbook by betting a laundry list of games.  The gambler at the online sportsbook that is selective and choosy is the one that is likely to end up in the black come season's end.

It comes down to turning the large number of games and teams into your advantage by realizing that with such a large number of games on the online sportsbook board there will be plenty of value opportunities and weak sportsbook lines if only you can remain patient.

Gambling at the online sportsbook is not for those who lack discipline and patience as there are simply too many games and too many teams to follow.  Keep things simple as you look at the basketball betting lines at this season and you will have a better chance for success.