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World Series Sports Betting Lines at Sports Gambling Sportsbook

Sports betting lines on the World Series are popular, they don’t rival the Super Bowl or March Madness but they still generate sports betting interest

Sports betting lines on the World Series give you some interesting things to consider.  The regular season is long gone, the divisional series and Championship series are over and now it is just a best of 7 game series.  Usually the sports betting best teams meet in the World Series but baseball does have Cinderella stories sometimes although it is harder to have an underdog sports betting lines story when it takes winning a seven game series to get there.

The World Series is like the Super Bowl and March Madness in some respects because it brings the public bettor very much into play.  Baseball during the regular season doesn’t hold a lot of appeal for average bettors but that can change with the World Series.  World Series sports betting lines are a bit different than regular season baseball sports betting lines.  The first main difference to notice on is that it is a 7 game series.  That means you can bet on who will win the series before it even starts on the betting lines and not have to worry about individual games if you choose.  For example, if the Yankees were playing the Cardinals then we might see New York a -140 favorite to win the series in sports betting lines.  You would have to lay $140 dollars for every $100 you wanted to win on New York.  You would, conversely, get $120 back for every $100 you wagered on the Cardinals on the sports betting lines.

The next difference between World Series sports betting lines and regular season sports betting lines is the pitching.  Sometimes you will see the best three starters for each team matching up in every single game.  The number four and number five starters may or may not see action.  This means that you won’t see a #1 starter going against a #4 starter like you might see in regular season.  It is the best against the best in World Series sports betting lines.

Another part of World Series sports betting lines is that you don’t have a lot of history to go on.  The two teams may or may not have played during the regular season.  You don’t have much data to go on.  That makes World Series sports betting lines very interesting to wager on at sportsbooks each October.