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Online Sports Wagering Weekend at Sports Gambling Sportsbook

Online sports wagering fans have quite a buffet to choose this NFL weekend and other interesting sports are also available on sports wagering boards

Online sports wagering fans tend to be a very wide breadth and background and represent all segments of society and its many tastes.  However, if there is one constant or one universal trait among fans it’s the fact that almost everyone that loves also loves NFL football.  And anyone that loves betting on NFL football, doubly loves online sports wagering on NFL football playoffs.

The best NFL playoff game on the online sports wagering board today is unquestionably the match up between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Jacksonville Jags.  These are two big and physical teams and both will likely need aspirin and wheelchairs once this slugfest is over.  The Jags are the favorites in this game and they could very well win.  They seem to have everything going in their favor in terms of online sports wagering.  online sports wagering sites have overwhelmingly adjusted the odds in favor the Jags even though they’re playing on the road.

In fact the only thing the Steelers really have in their favor is the fact that they have the home field advantage.  But that’s not nearly enough to convince most fans especially when you take into account the truckload of injuries that the team has suffered in pervious online sports wagering contests.  The Steelers will be without their top two left tackles on offense, one of the most important positions in football online sports wagering, as well as missing the top defensive tackle Aaron Smith who has been instrumental in stopping opponents running game.

But the biggest injury according to most experts is the loss of running back Willie Parker who was leading the NFL online sports wagering in rushing prior to suffering a broken leg.  Without him the team has been forced to rely on Najeh Davenport a career back up who beats up on the Rams but has done little else in his football online sports wagering career.

QB Ben Roethlisberger will have to have a career day, as any short of that will result in a football online sports wagering loss.  Right now the Jags are the better team and most action represents that.  It will take a near perfect game for the Steelers to win, but online sports wagering fans should also remember that the team hasn’t lost at home in the first round of the playoffs in over 15 years.