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Sports Betting Lines Importance

Without sports betting lines there are absolutely no way that any sports betting of any kind could take place.

Sports betting lines are what make possible almost every single sports wager. It is possible to have a sports betting industry without sports betting lines but it would not be all that successful and it would be a sad shadow of what the sports betting lines industry is today.

Imagine for a moment that you’re thinking to make a wager on the Super Bowl. What would that be like?  Well, if you can’t imagine, your only option would be to bet on the game straight up. That means you’d have to pick either the New England Patriots or the New York Giants to win the match out right.

It’s obvious that with current sports betting line of 14 points those sports wagering odds makers and most fans would bet overwhelmingly on the Pats. And if the Pats were to win as everyone assumes they will the sports betting sites would be bankrupt, so long as not very people bet on the Giants.

Therefore it’s not only to the advantage of sports betting lines fans to have sports betting lines, but it’s also very much to the advantage of the sites as well. In fact, without sports betting lines, Internet betting sites would have no financial incentive to set up shop and the entire industry would cease to exist.

In this way, lines are the perfect answer to this possible conundrum. The benefits that provide to sports bettors are obvious. For one thing they provide more options for sports fans. And as Adam Smith the godfather of modern economics says, choice and variety are always benefits the consumer.

Specifically the sports betting lines create interesting betting options out of competitive match ups that would have otherwise had little to no interest.  And at the same time sports betting lines also work to the advantage of sites as they attract more bets from both sides of the sports betting lines and limit the companies’ liabilities.