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Sports Wagering

Online sports wagering is one pastime that has been around since the dawn of time and will likely be around forever

It’s difficult to imagine a world without online sports wagering and thanks to the advent of the opportunities on the Internet that’s something no sports fan will have to contemplate for some time.  So long as fans have an interest in sports wagering, there is no reason why online sports wagering on sports will not continue.

Online sports wagering and sports go together like peanut butter and jelly and that perfect pairing as been around since the dawn of organized sports.  Today the big time pro sports leagues and the US and the industry have no official ties but it’s obvious to everyone that knows even the slightest bit about online sports wagering online that neither enterprise can exist without the other.  Online sports wagering needs the pro sports leagues and as pro sport leagues become more and more focuses of profit margins; they too need the online industry.

The dependence of the online sports wagering on the pro sports leagues is obvious.  Without pro sports the online sports wagering industry has no games to bet on.  Certainly there are amateur sports that the industry could make bets on, but they are not nearly so well organized, as exciting, or as visible to online sports wagering g fans on a national and global scale.   Therefore the pro sports leagues must exist if the industry are to exist.

The dependence of the pro sports league on the online sports wagering industry is not quite so evident and that is likely the way that the NBA, NFL, NHL and the other pro leagues would like it.  If these sports leagues were not so focused on revenue generation they would not be linked nearly as tightly with the online sports online sports wagering industry as they are.  But that is not the case and in the past decade pro sports leagues have become run like corporations and for this they need the interest and revenue created by the online industry.

Betting lines provide incentive for sports fans to bet.  The point spread and the over/under elements of online sports online sports wagering is what leads many fans to bet on the games.  In order to see if a fan’s points spread or over/under online sports wagering paid off or not they must watch the whole game and wait for the final score.  This ensures that there will be viewers in the fourth quarter of game even if it’s a blowout.  For online sports wagering fans this not such a big deal, but for the leagues’ this ensures that they can charge a premium price for advertising and that means more revenues a greater dependency on the online sports wagering industry.