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Sports betting fans the world over are accustomed to change.

If a team is not performing at a level expected of it there are often personnel changes made in order to enhance the club’s chances in the Internet sports betting competitions. But even the most open-minded sports betting fan must wonder how bad the situation really is in Minnesota if the Vikings are willing to make Gus Ferrotte their starting QB in order to enhance their chances of winning.

Sports betting odds fans haven’t seen the 15-year veteran in the role of starter since his unremarkable days as the hapless Miami Dolphins’ signal caller. Granted, he did a decent job as the starter for one of the sport’s most awful franchises, but he hardly shined in the Internet sports betting winning and performance columns either.

And surely, his name does not inspire all that much confidence among Vikings nor does it greatly enhance the team’s chances in the sports betting odds, but after an 0-2 start, this team is desperate to improve its lot in the Internet sports betting. The Vikings are desperate to win and, on paper, are a very talented squad.

The team’s owner, Zygi Wilf (without question the best name in all of sports betting) splurged in the off-season shelling out more than $60 million in free agent bribe money and, understandably he wants to see a return on his investment. At least more than an 0-2 record in the sports betting standings.

With such stars as Adrian Peterson and Jared Allen you would expect more from this team in the sports betting competitions, but so far it hasn’t come to pass. Tavaris Jackson, the young and mobile QB for the Vikings has failed to get the job done and sports betting fans can hardly be surprised by him getting the hook.

Although Jackson should not receive the total blame for the move, sports betting experts can’t help but note what a handicap he is in the red zone. Defenses can feast upon the highly touted running game of the Vikings in short field situations as they know the coaching staff has no confidence in Jackson throwing the ball.

Internet sports betting fans with even the least bit of knowledge can predict what happens when you stuff the box with nine men and the other team tries to run. Adrian Peterson or not, a team cannot be successful in the sports betting with such a strategy.

Ferotte will try and bring a new dimension to the team’s offense and it should pay immediate dividends in the sports betting for the Vikes.

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