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Sports Betting Team USA Basketball

This sports betting year looks to be different with the talent, experience, and coaching improved over the 2004 online sports betting disaster at Athens.

Sports betting fans rarely get the chance to see so much talent assembled on one team. Team USA could be the most impressive collection of online sports betting talent anywhere in the world right now. There should be little doubt that the team will be highly favored in the upcoming Olympic Games. Any sports betting enthusiast remembers the first Dream Team that the US sent to the Olympics in Barcelona in 1992.

Fans have since dropped that tag from American teams and recent results have brought Team USA crashing back to earth. But there are several keys to a Team USA win that sports betting fans should watch for; for one, the Americans’ vulnerability in the paint. The squad only had one true center, and that could come to haunt Team USA.

Tim Howard is one of the best in the online sports betting world at the low post game but if things get rough in the key he could easily get into trouble. If that happens, the team could be in real trouble with Chris Bosch, an undersized power forward; the only back available to such a blow.

That will only become an issue if the US gets locked into a half-court game, something that Coach K. will try to avoid at all costs if they are to win the sports betting gold.

The half-court game is the rest of the world’s bread and butter and with post players like Pau Gasol and Yao Ming as potential sports betting competition, Team USA cannot get into this type of sports betting battle.

Also the team must be tenacious on defense in order get into a running game, something they can dominate the rest of the sports betting field at. This will start in the back court with Kobe Bryant, the best lock down defender. DeRon Williams is likely the best defender at the point guard position for the team.

He’ll likely see extensive online sports betting action in the sports betting as well. Team USA must also knock down its jumpers in order to soften up the opposition’s sports betting defense in the key.

Michael Redd is the only pure shooter on this team and he will have to be very good from the 3-point range to spread the opponent’s zone defense in the sports betting action.