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Sports Betting Preferences in NCAA Football at Sports Gambling

Sports betting is full of contentious and fractious issues, but one of the most divisive topics among Internet sports betting fans centers around college football.

The issue at hand is of course whether to continue the BCS voting system of instituting a playoff system to determine the national champion. While both systems have merit, this issue is likely to create a major stir if you should ever bring it up in the company of college football sports betting fans.

Sports betting is full of competitions with their own little quirks and idiosyncrasies that help to define the sport. Certainly, that is how an objective sports betting fan might define the current college football system of defining its national champion. Almost every other sport, with few exceptions, decides their champions on the field of competition and it’s these basic tenants of competition that makes Internet sports betting so compelling.

However, under the current design of using a BCS and computer to decide who will play in the national championship game, many sports betting fans feel as though their right to a fair competition is being compromised. The common argument is that the BCS bowl committee often errors in favor of commercial interests when pairing the potential competitors for one of the biggest games in sports betting. This is itself is gross abuse of power, but what perhaps irks opponents of the current system in college football, is that the best team in the land isn’t even included in the discussion.

The only way to fairly determine the best team in college football sports betting say many Internet sports betting experts is to let them slug it out on the field. And this, in itself, is not an unusual or impractical request from the sports betting public. Those who say that it’s not feasible as the college football betting season is too long, have little argumentative ground to stand on as the DI-AA has in place a sports betting playoff system for decades. Proponents of such an overhaul in college football Internet sports betting advocate a similar system that would see the top 16 teams in the country according to voting and a BSC-like computer points system, in a real old fashioned playoff.

This would seem to satisfy all sports betting fans’ interests for a fair competition as well as the commercial interests at stake as the increased games would mean more opportunities for raising advertising revenue. But college football sports betting is an animal unto itself, and while the current system is flawed, it’s unique. And it has come to define college football for the present time.

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