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Sports Betting and Political Betting

Sports betting is essentially the same thing as political betting.

In fact, there is perhaps no more competitive or meaningful sport in the world than political betting which in fact, has spilled over into the world of Internet sports betting. Sports betting sites are now filled with odds for political betting and the preexisting lines that might have existed between the two are quickly blurring.

Sports betting odds and political betting share many similar characteristics and it would seem only natural that the two should merge and represent a major slice of the online gambling action pie.

Politics is a dirty business and anyone that has observed an election in the US can certainly attest that the process resembles sports betting and sporting competition much more so than perhaps the high-minded ideas of democracy that our forefathers might have once imagined.

Just listen to how the chanting Republicans and Democrats sound like they’re cheering for a football team. There are different ways to approach politics these days and some reverent-thinking individuals might take offense that the sacred process is being compared to gambling, but the reality is that elections in the US have become little more than theatrical productions worthy of sports betting status.

In this age of Internet sports betting, it was only a matter of time until political betting and sports betting merged into one entity. It’s a splendid relationship for anyone that has interest in gambling and politics. If you think about it, that contingent represents a very large segment of the population.

Internet sports betting sites have done a fantastic job capitalizing on these entwined interests and the political wing of the sports betting menu seems to get better and better every day.

A passing glance at the election process from afar aptly demonstrates that indeed, the presidential election cycle may be among the greatest sports betting event in the US. As presidential elections come along just one every four years, there is a regal quality to it and a built reverence comparable to other major sports betting events like the Olympics or the World Cup.

But better than these month-long sports betting events the presidential election lasts nearly two years these days. In fact, Internet sports betting sites start taking odds on the next election more or less the day after the previous election is over.

And when you add the elements of dug out primary battles and the late season mud slinging, it would be difficult to create a more perfect ‘sporting event’ for sports betting fans.

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