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Sports Betting Online Beijing Olympics

Sports betting online fans have great options this year, the big event on the sports betting calendar is of course the summer Olympics in Beijing.

However, in June there will also be a huge international sports betting online event that has been somewhat overshadowed by the Olympics. Sports betting online fans with a bent for soccer will be quick to tell you that the Olympics are not the sports betting opportunity this summer, but that the Euro Cup is also to be held.

The 208 edition of one of sports betting online’s best soccer events will be jointly hosted by Switzerland and Austria. It promises to be an excellent event for sports betting online and will feature some of the best soccer teams on the planet.

Conspicuously absent are Brazil and Argentina, but for the most part the cream of the crop will represented, much to the delight of the sports betting online public. But what most fans want to know is which team will leave the sports betting online event clutching the trophy?

According to most sports betting experts the title, at this point is up in the air. The front runner on the list of contenders though has to be World Cup champ Italy. Sports betting online fans certainly remember the Azuri’s stirring win Germany two years ago and many will be engaging in sports betting online in support of another win at the Euro Cup.

However, the Italians will have stiff sports betting online competition from several teams including Spain and France. Spain is always loaded with talent but ask any sports betting online analysts familiar with European soccer and they’ll tell you the same thing: this team has bad case of the ‘chokes’.

Always richly talented the Spaniards are infamous in the sports betting online universe for never living up to expectations. Perhaps this year will be different but most sports betting fans are counting on it. France on the other hand has a supremely talented squad and will likely be Italy’s biggest online sports betting challenge.

With combination of stellar young talent and several savvy veterans, the French could easily win this competition according to many sports betting online experts. However, sports betting online experts are often wrong and we could see another repeat of 2004’s Euro Cup results.

Much to the shock of the sports betting world an unheralded Greek squad destroyed the field of European heavyweights and walked away with a defensively won Euro Cup trophy.