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Sports Betting on the NBA

Sports betting fans have long been attracted to professional, the game has drawn the online sports betting community and sports betting fans in general.

With all the recent player movement in the league the NBA betting landscape has drastically altered and many sports betting fans have been left to scratch their heads. Sports betting fans are now trying to sort through the remnants of the recent trading to find out which team is now the team to beat. While it’s impossible to know for sure which team will prevail in the online sports betting universe as basketball’s best, there are several teams that seem to have the inside track.

In the eastern conference the Cavs have emerged as the sports betting team to beat. As defending champs from the East it’s perhaps not a huge surprise, but any online sports betting team that saw the Cavs play earlier in the year this sports betting prospect seemed all but impossible.

With the new additions to the team including Ben Wallace and Joe Smith the Cavs are the best in the East now according to sports betting experts. Out West many online sports betting aficionados have anointed the Lakers as the sports betting team to beat.

With the emergence of Andrew Bynum and the arrival of Pau Gasol, this team is certainly one of the best in sports betting. But is it good enough to knock off defending champ San Antonio? The Spurs have been flying under the sports betting radar of late but they have been quietly impressive.

Once point guard Tony Parker returns online sports betting fans expect the Spurs to challenge for the conference title. Depending on the playoff seedings, sports betting fans could see the Lakers and Spurs battling for the Western Conference title and that would truly be a spectacular online sports betting match up.

It’s a sports betting match up that is almost impossible to pick a winner from as well. The Lakers possess perhaps the best player in sports betting with Kobe Bryant, but in the end the experience and team of Duncan, Parker and Ginobli would likely win out in such a sports betting scenario.