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Sports Betting on SEC Games

Sports betting on college football is one of the truly enjoyable things and if you like online sports betting there are SEC games that you cannot miss.

Sports betting on college football over the past few years have been at its best in the SEC. This season there should be more of the same as the SEC still looks to be the powerhouse conference in online sports betting. College football fans should have plenty of action to delight in and plenty of monster match-ups on the sports betting boards.

Some of these match-ups have blossomed into 5-alarm rivalries over the past few sports betting seasons. With so much riding on nearly every single SEC game, the stakes are high and emotions strong. And that makes the perfect recipe for perfection.

The SEC sports betting gets underway with a very strong start this year as the Gamecocks of South Carolina take on the Georgia Bulldogs.

Both of these teams are potential top ten teams in the national online sports betting scene and it’s almost a shame to have such a an impressive match-up so early in the season, but from the teams’ collective perspective, if you’ve got to lose a tough game, better to do it early in the sports betting year rather than at the end.

Auburn and Alabama will also be going head to head in week four of the sports betting season. The Tide is a team on the rise and could surprise some fans. With a win over a very good Auburn team, it could set the tone for a successful resurgence in Alabama online sports betting fortunes.

Week seven could be the game of the year in the SEC if not the entire sports betting nation. LSU and Florida go head to head in what could be a repeat of last year’s epic battle. Look for Florida to get the win. If they do, they’ll go on to national championship sports betting contention.

The Gators match up well with the defending champs and this time Tebow and company will find a way to get the win. Week 11 will see Florida and Georgia match up in what should be yet another great sports betting showdown.

Depending on the teams’ collective records at this point in the season, both could be undefeated and that would be a sports betting match up of significant national importance.